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Where Do 'Forgotten' 1D Songs Go?

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The World's Biggest Boy Band, One Direction, has been winning the hearts of fans all over the world since July 23rd, 2010. Over the last 6 1/2 years, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne have put out over 90 songs, with their first four albums reaching #1 on their release. From their debut, hit song "What Makes You Beautiful" to not-so-popular, but still recognized, songs like "Diana," the cheeky lads of One Direction have kept an amazing following that no other artist has ever reached before. However, sadly, in March 2015 ex-member Zayn Malik announced his departure from the band, splitting from his band mates in the middle of their On The Road Again Tour. And, not too long after Zayn's goodbye, the rest of the band announced that they would be taking a much needed, well deserved, finally after a five-year non-stop run, hiatus.

This of course shattered the hearts of Directioners everywhere, and sparked many debates at whether this hiatus is permanent, or just for a while. Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam have all announced they would be "doing their own things" for now, but a One Direction Reunion was 100% certain. In fact, member Niall has stated many times over that "they'd be crazy not to" reunite, but only when everyone is ready--5 years is a long time to tour without a break. And, he, along with his band mates, have, definitely, lived up to "doing their own thing."

In 2016, Niall released his debut-solo single "This Town" and Louis released his debut-solo single "Just Hold On" in memory, and dedication to his mother who lost her fight with Leukemia in early December. In July 2017, Harry will be debuting in his first film, Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan and his full debut-solo album has been rumored for release. And, Liam? Who knows what he's doing. He's rumored to be having a baby with his current girlfriend, Cheryl, but that's still unclear. He's just "doing his own thing" for now. However, the question still comes about: Will they come back together after all this? As mentioned before, Niall himself has put that question to rest, stating multiple times, "they'd be silly not to." So, with that question out of the way, it brings up another: If/When they do get back together, what songs will they include in their tour set-list?

Over the years, One Direction have toured many of the songs included on their albums. And, sometimes, they've even thrown in covers over other artist’s songs, lyric changes, and hints at upcoming album songs. And, though they have yet to "tour" their newest album, Made In The A.M., since they went on break not long after its release, they still have performed some of its songs live. But, even six years later, there are songs, much loved by fans, they have not toured that Directioners would love to not only hear but, see live. That's where Directioners need to take charge.

Over the years, if Directioners wanted something done, like turning a song into a single when it wasn't even considered as a single in the first place (No Control), or getting an entire stadium of fans to participate in a fan project ("We Are Family"~ Milan, San Siro 28.06.14 (WWAT)), they get it done because Directioners are "the bestest." Directioners always want to show One Direction just how much of an impact they've had on their lives. And, what better way to do that then get an entire stadium to hold up signs that say "We Are Family-1D?" None, is the point---that's the best fan project yet--but this one hopes to come close. So, listen up Directioners:

It's time to take a choncé at one of the biggest fan projects ever done!

There are plenty of fans who have left the concert saying “THAT WAS AMAZING,” obviously, but, somewhere in the background, there’s always one, if not more, saying “I do wish they sang ______ though. I’d love to hear that one live.” Well, if this project catches the eyes of any member of One Direction, or anyone associated with them, no fan will ever have to mutter those words again. So, what’s the plan? To get the boys to sing any, and every, song they have yet to perform, when they get back together for a comeback tour. That’s right, Directioners! Every. Single. One. From “Taken” to “I Should’ve Kissed You,” this petition is for all Directioners that want to hear the “Lost Songs” comeback tour.  And, if you’ve forgotten what songs that have never performed (toured, or just on TV) live, here’s a list:


“Taken,” Up All Night

“Same Mistakes,” Up All Night

“Another World,” Up All Night (Bonus Track)

“I Should’ve Kissed You,” Up All Night (Bonus Track)

“Forever Young,” (Bonus Track)

“They Don’t Know About Us,” Take Me Home

“Nobody Compares,” Take Me Home (Bonus Track)

“Still The One,” Take Me Home (Bonus Track)

“Truly, Madly, Deeply,” Take Me Home (Bonus Track)

“Magic,” Take Me Home (Bonus Track)

“Irresistible,” Take Me Home (Bonus Track)

“Something Great,” Midnight Memories

“Does He Know,” Midnight Memories (Bonus Track)

“Half A Heart,” Midnight Memories (Bonus Track)

“Fool’s Gold,” Four

“Change Your Ticket,” Four (Bonus Track)

“Illusion,” Four (Bonus Track)

“Hey Angel,” MITAM

“If I Could Fly,” MITAM

“Long Way Down,” MITAM

“Never Enough,” MITAM

“Olivia,” MITAM

“What A Feeling,” MITAM

“I Want To Write You A Song,” MITAM

“Temporary Fix,” MITAM (Bonus Track)

“Walking In The Wind,” MITAM (Bonus Track)

“Wolves,” MITAM (Bonus Track)

“Home,” MITAM (Bonus Track)


Now, 28 songs might be a bit too many songs to perform in one show, understandably. However, throughout the tour, since they’re probably going to want to tour MITAM when they come back, they could pick a few of these to throw in to random concerts. For example, one set list could be:


1.       Hey Angel

2.       End Of The Day

3.       Infinity

Band Talk-Niall

4.       Long Way Down

5.       Same Mistakes

6.       Illusion

Band Talk-Liam  

7.       Home

8.       Magic

9.       Irresistible

10.   Taken

11.   Perfect

Band Talk-Harry  

12.   Truly, Madly, Deeply

13.   Temporary Fix

14.   Same Mistakes

Band Talk- Louis

15.   Walking In The Wind

16.   Wolves

17.   I Wanna Write You A Song

18.   If I Could Fly


19.   No Control

20.   Little Things

21.   Night Changes

22.   Steal My Girl

23.   Stockholm Syndrome

24.   What Makes You Beautiful


Where another could look like:


1.       Hey Angel

2.       End Of The Day

3.       Fool’s Gold…etc.

If the boys sing each of these “forgotten” songs (MITAM songs not included because they haven’t “toured” them, so they’re not really “forgotten…” yet), Directioners will be pleased. And, they will no longer have to say “I wish they sang ______” because, doing 200+ tour venues, or so, it wouldn’t be long before every fan could search online for “________ live” so they can hear it. Of course, not all 28 songs can go into one show—unless they do their first show back together using all 28 (WHICH WOULD BE AN AMAZING IDEA)—but, they’d be able to include them into enough shows to make Directioners go (even more) wild.

And, if this gets enough signatures, it might just happen! If not, Directioners are so dedicated they will still attended the comeback tour anyway. They’d be “silly not to.” But, wouldn’t it be great to hear all these songs live, even just hearing them on YouTube? To have a comeback tour that includes fetus songs?! Who doesn’t want that?!

So, how’s about it, Directioners? C’mon, C’mon girls (and guys!), spread the word! ONE DIRECTION: LOST SONGS COMEBACK TOUR! GO!

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