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Tell the Fire Island National Seashore: “ABANDON YOUR SHOCKING DEER MANAGEMENT PLAN!”

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DO NOT PUT THE SUNKEN FOREST AT RISK OF FORFEITURE!          It is outrageous and irresponsible for FINS to kill deer within The Sunken Forest. Whether you have only just discovered the magic of Fire Island, or you are a lifelong or even multi-generational resident, the ancient holly forest and pristine swale environments of The Sunken Forest are among the most memorable and treasured areas of this idyllic barrier Island. What is not commonly known is that this rare and irreplaceable environmental gem, was actually donated as a wildlife refuge to the Department of Interior, where deer live in perpetuity without being hunted, trapped or disturbed in any way or THIS PRICELESS GIFT WILL REVERT AUTOMATICALLY BACK TO PRIVATE OWNERSHIP!

DO NOT MAKE FIRE ISLAND AN OFFICIAL NYS HUNTING SITE! Beginning as early as this October, the NYSDEC will derive revenue from the sale of permits to hunters to shoot deer on Fire Island. Besides being hunted, deer will also be baited with corn and killed by sharpshooters using silencers and night vision equipment. This is a bitter irony because Fire Island is the first place on earth where free-roaming deer were successfully immunocontracepted with PZP vaccine to keep them from giving birth to fawns.

DO NOT ENDANGER PUBLIC HEALTH WITH TAINTED MEAT!            As a thinly veiled and patronizing PR stunt, in order to curry support for their lethal plan, FINS has stated they will donate meat from deer killed on Fire Island to homeless kitchens, despite being fully aware that the meat may be contaminated with rat poison. Fire Island animals have a long history of contamination from indiscriminate use of rodenticides as demonstrated in “Poisoning of Wildlife with Anticoagulant Rodenticides in New York”, Ward B. Stone et al.


Please sign this petition and demand that FINS live up to its obligations to the generous donors of The Sunken Forest land, and abandon its gruesome plan to hunt and kill deer on Fire Island, rather than sensibly reinstating the non-lethal and effective PZP Immunocontraception method….which would NOT put The Sunken Forest and adjacent wildlife preserves at risk.

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