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On behalf of Jones College Prep and all Chicago Public Schools: Sustain African and Latin-American Literature as accredited English classes

We the undersigned support the effort to sustain African-American and Latin-American Literature courses as accredited courses to meet the basic 4-year English requirement outlined by the State of Illinois' Department of Education and Chicago Public Schools, as these courses encompass all the requirements for English III and English IV, as has been the case since 2008.

We believe that the study of African-American and Latin-American Literature is in no way of lesser academic value as the study of British Literature, which all Juniors will be defaulted to take for English III, and the European heavy curriculum of World Literature, which all Seniors will be defaulted to take beginning in the academic year of 2013-2014.

We believe that it is unjust to subject the students' interested in taking African-American and Latin-American Literature to be allowed to take it ONLY if they have "room" for an elective in their schedules.

We believe the African-American and Latin-American Literature courses of Jones College Preparatory High School should be applauded and replicated for their continued positive impact on Jones' alums at the post secondary level; these courses should NOT be belittled and undervalued within the Jones' community, the Chicago Public Schools and the state of Illinois.

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  • Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO, Chicago Public Schools
  • David Vitale, President, Chicago Board of Education

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