Citizens Against Corporate Corruption, CAP

Citizens Against Corporate Corruption, CAP

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The CAP citizens initiative is designed to alter the fundamental nature of the employment status of state elected federal representatives (congress or senate) such that the following long held citizens concerns are finally addressed. See full text below. 

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                                              Benefits of the
              CAP, Citizens Against Political Corruption Initiative 

1) introduces an employment contract that takes the money out of politics

2) Ties politicians and staffs pay scales to the minimum wage

3) Introduces term limits 

4) Introduces retirement benefit restrictions

5) Introduces political oversight of corporate campaign contributions and severely     limits their potential influence on our representatives

6) Reduces the amount of money spent on each campaign and provides funding for oversight of candidates and representatives.


Is an employment agreement which is a private contract and as such it may initiate private agreements which are not otherwise law

8) Politicians base pay goes up and forbids any other forms of income during the tenure of the politician. 

9) The corporations, businesses, candidate or party committees and PACs that wish to influence our elected officials through campaign “contributions” will now have to pay for their own oversight

10) The individual voter and taxpayer won’t spend a dime on this and the schools will benefit

11) All candidates whether they engage in a successful run for office or not will be required to provide 90% of any money received in personal, corporation, business, party committee, candidate committee local state or federal or PAC contributions to the CAP oversight fund regardless of if their campaign is successful or not with no moneys being refundable.

12) Politicians may still fund their own campaigns however 90% of that funding must be held by the states CAP oversight committee as compensation to ensure the employment contracts stipulations are met. 

13) Party and candidate committees will now have to pay for their own oversight when they shower millions into a particular candidates election bid or pay millions to push specific legislation.


It means we’re taking back our political process

                                                       Full text 
                            Citizens Against Political Corruption Initiative 

Sign this voter interest survey and let us know you support a complete overhaul of the terms of employment for elected and appointed federal representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate through a state by state citizens’ initiative.
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The language of our proposal is not yet final and will be adjusted accordingly to each state, to meet any special provisions legal or otherwise unique to each state. However, the basic citizens initiative proposal is outlined in the following seven action points.
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The CAP initiative requires politicians to adhere to an employee contract between the citizens of each state and the politician.

                                           The CAP Citizens Initiative.

In each state ratifying the Citizens Against Political Corruption Initiative, the state’s federally elected representatives of both the House and Senate will become express at will contracted employees of that state, who by virtue of their having filed for, or otherwise declared their candidacy or accepted contributions pursuant in order to campaign, who either have or have not achieved that elected office, agree to strictly and voluntarily adhere to the seven requirements of said contract as outlined below as a condition of their candidacy and potential subsequent employment. In all states ratifying through citizens initiative this candidate and employment contract each candidate wishing to run for office is required in order to legally engage in the campaign process to adhere to the stipulations of employment found herein. Failure to voluntarily comply with these seven employment stipulations will result in automatic termination of the elected representative’s employment or candidacy and forfeiture of all campaign contributions which shall be immediately surrendered to the CAP oversight committee (see section 6). Any unpaid salaries for the period prior to termination will be paid out according to federal government regulation. Furthermore, upon termination the Senator or Representative loses all claim or entitlement to the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) as well as being barred from holding public office for a period of no less than 25 years from the time of the employee’s or campaign’s termination. Each state elected federal representative voluntarily agrees to limit their employment to no more than two terms in office. Express just and fair cause for termination being at the discretion of the individual states CAP oversight auditors and commission. 

                Express Fair and Honest Cause for Termination Under CAP

1) We find it necessary to enact citizens’ initiatives in each state, such that no state elected or appointed federal representative to the US House or Senate, or the representative’s assistant(s) or staff, may receive more than three times the average state’s prevailing minimum wage for actual hours worked. These at will contracted labor positions are to be paid hourly. No state elected federal representative or state elected federal representative’s assistant(s) or staff may (have) receive(d) any additional compensation of any kind, for a period of up to five years before, at any time during, or at any time after they hold any state elected or appointed federal office, for any action taken, vote cast, bill sponsored, cosponsored, action in support of, or action against, any bill falling within the influence of the elected representative, while in a state elected congressional, senatorial or appointed federal position. Representatives finding themselves facing legislation or actions which put them in conflict with this rule must recuse themselves of all participation, lobbying or argument for or against or votes regarding that legislation.

2) No state elected federal representative, state elected federal representative’s assistant(s) or staff may collect multiple salaries and/or wages within the government during the elected official's term of office. No elected federal representative, federal elected representative’s assistant(s) or staff may receive any additional salary, wages, retirement benefits, or compensation of any kind from any industry, business, PAC or corporation or any party or candidate committee which may be financially influenced by that representative or representative’s assistant(s) or staff sponsorship or cosponsorship of legislation, during their time in office or at any time thereafter. State elected federal representatives are required to recuse themselves from any participation in legislation which falls into conflict with this stipulation.

3) No state elected federal representative, state elected representative’s assistant(s) or staff may receive from the state or federal government medical or retirement benefits exceeding those of the state average for all state employees based on the average compensation of all state employees within that representatives home state for the year compensated.

4) State elected representatives continued employment, and that representatives’ assistant(s) and/or staffs continued employment, is at all times conditional to their adherence to these 7 stipulations and may be immediately terminated should fair and honest cause and/or infractions of these 7 stipulations be discovered by the overseeing CAP auditor(s) or committee(s). Special investigation of state elected federal representatives will be entirely the responsibility of each states CAP auditors and oversight committee.

5) Every state elected or appointed federal official, state elected or appointed federal official’s assistant(s) and/or staff must submit to a special annual, independent state CAP audit in which said individuals will provide their tax returns in full for the period of five years prior to and every year following their having attained public office, for life. Independent CAP auditor(s) appointed by committee are authorized to establish compliance and exact immediate penalties not less the 500% of any inappropriate monetary gain discovered, as well as find just and honest cause for termination of the employment contract; any moneys recovered are given to the state to assist in funding the independent auditor(s). Any additional funds not used to compensate auditor(s) and or committees will be given over to the states’ treasuries (see section 6 for additional detail) CAP audits to occur annually. Special or emergency CAP audit(s) as well as the CAP oversight committee will be funded entirely from this time forward, as a mandatory expense of the campaigning process; with each candidate or individual seeking to attain elected or appointed federal office, providing 90% of their personal, business, corporate, special interest, candidate or any party committee local state or national or PAC campaign contributions to the oversight committee. Only individual donations of no more than $500 each are exempt from the 90% oversight fee.

6) Every person declaring their candidacy for any state elected federal representative position requiring such a declaration either in writing or not for any state elected or appointed federal office must submit 90% of any personal, corporate, business, special interest, candidate or party commission local state or federal as well as PAC contributions or donations of any kind to either their election campaign or towards any campaign they may engage in post election for the purpose of advertising or lobbying either for or against any proposed legislation to the independent CAP oversight committee as part of their campaign expenses with such funds required to be held in trust by the individual states CAP oversight committees for the purpose of ensuring compliance with these statutes through the CAP tax audits required in section five. Only individual donations of no more than $500 each are exempt from the 90% CAP oversight fee. Interest or excesses from such CAP trusted funds shall be used entirely for funding our public schools in each state and may not be commandeered by the state for any other purpose. No CAP trusted funds are refundable and shall be considered by virtue of this citizens initiative, a campaign expense as defined in section five.

7) Failure of the elected or appointed federal officials to voluntarily comply with these conditions of employment set forth within this employment contract once ratified by citizens initiative within the state electing or appointing the officials, their representatives, their staff, or their assistants, or any legal action against the Citizens Against Political Corruption Initiative employment contractual obligations, or other stipulations found herein will automatically result in the termination of the litigating party(s) from public office, as well as their assistant(s) and/or staff. Furthermore, termination incurs an additional penalty in which all election results specific to the election of the offending or litigating party or parties will be considered not only null and void but the terminated party is prohibited from running for or holding any elected, appointed, or paid government office, state or federal, for a period of no less than 25 years from the time the legal action is initiated. Those state elected federal officials who are found in breach of the employment contract are bound by it to provide such financing to the states election committee as to cover the expense of a special election or appointment of a new representative.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!