Oman Air to validate our tickets despite of their error.

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On 25th, 26th, and 27th of January 2019; the airline company Oman Air displayed cheap fares on their website for the flight from Delhi to Tehran (DEL-IKA) which has encouraged so many people in India and some people outside of India to buy the tickets for their tourism and holy pilgrimage in the country of Iran. This fare price was being displayed for 3 consecutive days resulting people to notice and book the tickets in huge numbers; people have also got their booking confirmations through email and were assured through customer care that they will face no issues in the future. By all these assurances, so many people have also booked to flights to Delhi from their hometowns and cities, paid for their visas and also for their hotel accommodations etc. which are not refundable. Few days back, few customers (but not all) started getting email from Oman Air describing their server error which provided 2 options, either cancel and get full refund or pay the remaining amount which is unaffordable by many people. By these options, people are facing loss on both ways, either for their tickets to Delhi, visas, and hotel bookings; or pay extra amount for their Oman Air ticket which is not affordable to many people. This petition is to demand from Oman Air to validate our current tickets which are booked on THEIR ERROR to prevent our loss for their mistake; we are also deeply offended by their service and continue to boycott their reputation of their airline service till our grievances are compensated.