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Old Navy has announced that they will be carrying a line of Gay Pride t-shirts. This is a first for a major clothing manufacturer in North America and they at first said the shirts would be available in all of their retail locations.

Now though, they have decided these shirts will not be sold in Tennessee, North Carolina, or Kentucky. In light of the passing of the "Don't Say Gay" bill SB0049 in Tennessee the refusal to sell these shirts is nothing less than a company willfully turning their back on the LGBT community of a state currently at the center of a gay rights struggle.

Please sign this petition to show Old Navy that not everyone in Tennessee is backward, barefoot, and bucktoothed. The LGBT community of Tennessee has just as much pride as any other and should not be excluded from what could be a wonderful opportunity for a company to show their support for gay rights.

Letter to
President: Old Navy Tom Wyatt
CEO: Gap, Inc. Glenn Murphy
Director of Public Relations Tara Wickwire
I was ecstatic when I heard of Old Navy's plans to sell a line of gay pride t-shirts. The very day after I heard about these plans though I was disappointed to learn that the shirts will not be made available for purchase online or at any local retailer in Tennessee, North Carolina, or Kentucky despite the original claims that they would be sold at all Old Navy locations. It is my request that these shirts be made available locally because to do otherwise is turning your back on a region currently in the middle of a struggle for gay rights.

As you most likely are aware, Tennessee recently passed the "Don't Say Gay" bill, SB0049. The coverage that this bill has received has placed Tennessee at the center of the national struggle for LGBT rights. Your shirts represent a first for a major clothing brand, but their lack of availability in an area where they would be proudly worn speaks volumes.

I'm writing to ask that you rethink where these shirts will be made available so that everyone, gay or straight, can show their pride.