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Tell Old Chang Kee & Polar Puffs to stop frying our rainforests

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We have a simple but urgent request for Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs to pave the way for a better Singapore and an improved World - by using cooking oil that does not cause deforestation and haze.

1. We are young students of Singapore, SOS (Students Of Singapore) Against Haze.  Like many of you, we enjoy curry puffs from Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs. However, these curry puff don’t seem to taste quite as good once we discovered that the cooking oil they use is causing haze. 

Deforestation for unsustainable palm oil is devastating the lives of indigenous forest people and threatens species-much of it for producing palm oil. Once rainforests have been cleared, fires rage across the dry landscape, causing the choking haze across the region including Singapore.        

Last year, we saw with our own eyes forests burning in Sumatra, Indonesia. We used to visit that place nearly every year to trek and raft. But what was once lush green rainforests have turned into vast oil palm plantations, and with many areas shrouded in thick smoke.

We recently learnt that both Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs use palm oil that originates from potentially unsustainable plantations and supply chains.  Cooking oil tins at Old Chang Kee clearly state that the palm oil originates from unsustainable sources.  A discussion with Polar Puffs also revealed that they use palm oil from unsustainable sources.

That said, the iconic Singaporean curry puff can be prepared with palm oil produced in a sustainable way that protects rainforests and the local communities and ecosystems.

Palm oil certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is already widely available, and we have a list of suppliers that can supply RSPO-certified cooking oil. In fact, many companies such as VeganBurg, Grain, Sodexo, IKEA and Singapore Zoo are already sourcing certified sustainable cooking oil.

2. Unfortunately our efforts to reach out to Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs have been in vain. Multiple emails, calls and even a visit to Old Chang Kee’s headquarters were ignored. Polar Puffs believes that sustainable palm oil is too expensive, which is not the case.

3. Therefore, we had no choice but to create this. Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs will listen to you, their customers, because they depend on you.

We want Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs to be local brands we can be proud of, and become pioneers of a sustainable food industry. Your action matters. Show Old Chang Kee and Polar Puffs that they have a responsibility to stand for the values that Singaporeans hold dearly.

SOS (Students of Singapore) Against Haze


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