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Around 10am today (Monday, October 15th), the OSU campus alert system was utilized to notify the cowboys that the university is demanding scooter companies (namely, Bird and Lime) to remove their scooters from campus by 5pm this evening; citing "safety concerns and permitting issues."

These scooters provide easily accessible modes of transportation for students, faculty, and residents of Stillwater alike; and do nothing except add to the aesthetic value of the OSU campus and City of Stillwater. To remove such a device from an area of such dense use (OSU campus) would be unexplainably repulsive. 

Bird and Lime are multi service products. Not only are they modes of transportation; they provide happiness, fun, and even a source of income for many students (MUCH NEEDED IF THE UNIVERSITY KEEPS RAISING TUITION, SAD!). 

The City of Stillwater has done an exemplary job of handling the new challenges brought by the scooters in town. In their reaction, rather than forcing removal, they recognized the great tool these products are and instead sought solutions that were reasonable for all parties involved. The City has provided online resources to residents concerning how to operate scooters legally and safely within the city limits of Stillwater, even excusing the fact that one of the companies involved did not receive the necessary permits when first releasing their products in Stillwater. 

There is a way to keep the scooters, respect the resource they are to many, and address "safety concerns and permitting issues" raised by the university. The City of Stillwater has done so already and Oklahoma State University should follow their host city in doing the same. Forced removal is a poor way to approach such a solvable issue, if it really is one. 

So join me in signing this petition to tell Oklahoma State University to rescind their decision and let the scooters remain on campus!

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