End DOMESTIC violence

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DOMESTIC violence has been in the dark in the state of Oklahoma for far too long. Women and children are suffering at the hands of these monsters day in and day out , each and every child is robbed of their security, innocence, and childhood. The mother's that undertake the emotional, verbal, physiological , mental, and physical abuse, are so afraid to speak up against thier boyfriend, husband,  what they thought was a mentor, or just plainly someone thought to be a positive influence in their lives, has brainwashed them to the point of fear, simple decision making, living alone, and the worst fear of all their own murder. I'm a former domestic violence victim of 7 agonizing long years. The damage my children and I have went through May NEVER leave us, I know kids are resilient, but I know the damage that my daughter and I went through January 1st 2018 was the last and luckily a chance for me to escape one last time. This could've been the last breath I would ever take, if my GARDIAN ANGEL wouldn't have screamed and cried until her OWN FATHER would snap out of the trance he was under and let go of his life taking grip he had on my neck, ultimately took my child's security, and what she thought was the person who hung the moon, violently  turned on her and with all the rage that was meant for me shoved her against our bedroom wall. This night will haunt and harbour deep within me forever, for the guilt and fault that I deserve to feel is with me until the end of my time. I had every opportunity to escape, I even did ten plus times, I just kept falling back into his manipulation, control, and brainwashed tactical practices he used against me, this was going on from day one, he had me reeled in so fast, I was blinded to his intention, even though my family, friends, and even son knew all along,  they even warned me against this relationship, but it was too late. Women fear to report to law enforcement, because it gets swept under the rug and the Court systems continue to decriminalize the charges. I've experienced this first hand, he was a nine year former deputy sheriff of our county, Sergeant of Choctaw casino and had family in law enforcement of the city this had taken place in the whole time. I had reported numerous times to the police department in the town we lived in, it kept being swept under the rug previously before and contiued, this was the town that I grew up in since I was a child, majority of the police department knew my family and I very well, still my cries would be silenced. Now is the time this comes to an end, how many women and children must lose their lives, before something gets done? Please help these VICTOMS that hide in the dark from the fear of no help, no way out, and no back-up from our judicial stystem, court, and the District Attorney's office. Let's put a stop to the fear, and help bring the security back to the women and children of not only Sequoyah County but the great state of Oklahoma.

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