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Oklahoma Senate and Legislative Law Makers: Revisit and rewrite the Mandatory sentencing laws. Free Kevin Ott

Kevin Ott DOC# 203093 has served eighteen (18) years for a non-violent drug trafficking charge. He is sentenced to life without parole. We feel it is time for the government of Oklahoma to revisit, rewrite and change the law, to release Kevin Ott as well as all others who have served a reasonable sentence for their crimes. We feel it is time for rehabilitation and not a life of incarceration for these non-violent offenses. Prison and life without parole sentencing should be reserved for violent criminals whose crime resulted in the death of another person or for those who have committed crimes against children.

Letter to
American Legislative exchange Council Oklahoma Senate and Legislative Offices
State Senator Constance Johnson
U.S. House of Representatives
and 5 others
U.S. Senate
Oklahoma State House
Oklahoma State Senate
President of the United States
Oklahoma Governor
Revisit and rewrite the "three strike" law. Free Kevin Ott

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