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To investigate and change the Oklahoma State Department of Corrections procedures and point system that allows murders to be transferred from Maximum Facilities to a lesser Prison Facility.

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My name is Tara Woodlee. My daughter Ashleigh Lindsey and her unborn baby Patience Lynn along with a man named Chad Page were murdered by Joshua Scott and Joshua Mahaffey on July 13, 2012. After shooting my daughter, Joshua Mahaffey turned the gun on himself and killed himself. Joshua Scott was brought into custody and brought up on charges of three counts of first-degree murder. He was also charged with larceny, burglary, and Harboring a Fugitive. Joshua Scott was up for the death penalty during the trial. His lawyer came to the families asked for us to consider a plea bargain. We allowed the plea bargain and Joshua Scott was sentenced to three counts of life without parole to run consecutively in the Oklahoma penitentiary.

Last night we as a family, were notified that Joshua Scott was being transferred from maximum-security prison in McAlister Oklahoma to a lesser facility in Stringtown Oklahoma which is only medium security. Today we found out that this was done based off a point system done within the Oklahoma Department of corrections. In the Oklahoma Corrections Institute they do an investigation of the crimes committed. In this investigation they assign murderers a point system based on the crimes he's committed and previous crimes. Joshua Scott even though he is convicted of murdering three innocent people in the most heinous ways was given Points that would only allow him to be in a medium correctional facility.

This man watched my daughter be abused, beaten, raped, and tied up, all while she was pregnant he then stole a car from man named Chad Page and he shot him four times in cold blood twice in the head and stole money from his wallet. He did this in order to pick up Ashleigh's ex fiancé, his best friend and hunt Ashleigh down so they could murder her. Ashleigh's friends who were witnesses on the scene were in very much danger because he threatened to kill them all if they told he was there. Joshua Scott was later caught and convicted. But while waiting in the county jail for the trial he was found to have made four shanks and had told other inmates of a plan to kill corrections officers and get out and kill the victims and their families. This was only six months ago back in December 2013. Now to be only a medium security risk and have him only 45 minutes away from all his victims.

In my questioning of all this I have had other victims families contact me in a very short period of time telling me that they are now experiencing the same type of thing with the murderers of their family members in Oklahoma. The system use to mandate that murderers spend a minimum of two years and a maximum facility only to be moved by good behavior. Now that system has changed they do not need to have good behavior in order to go to a lesser facility. We are now asking all of Ashleigh's friends and family and the friends and family of Chad page and anyone else in Oklahoma who has a situation like ours to please sign this petition so that we can send it to the lawmakers and ask the system be changed in Oklahoma.

It is devastating to our family to know that a man that should've been on death row but at the kindness of our hearts we allowed to have life in prison, that the system has now rewarded us with him not going to a maximum facility where he should've been on death row, but to a medium facility where we are afraid that he could at any time get out and make good on his threats. I would please like Oklahoma lawmakers to consider is this the kind of treatment you want to send out to murder victims families. Please support us by signing this petition so that lawmakers will understand how detrimental this is to our society as a whole from violent offenders like this to be even considered to be in lesser facilities. 

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