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Oklahoma Governor and State Lawmakers: Support Sen. Johnson’s medical marijuana bill, SB 902 and SB 914

Sen. Constance Johnson, who made headlines recently when she fought to get a hearing for medical marijuana in the Oklahoma Legislature, has filed legislation that calls upon the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision to establish a medical marijuana program in the Sooner State. Separately, she is also sponsoring legislation that would reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

Sen. Johnson’s medical marijuana bill, SB 902, is short and to the point. Rather than spelling out all the details in the legislation, the bill simply directs the medical board to develop and adopt rules allowing patients to obtain permission from their doctors to use marijuana and to establish fees for the “licensing, production, distribution, and consumption” of medical marijuana.

Johnson’s other bill, SB 914, would lessen the penalty for possession of 1.5 ounces or less from a maximum of one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 to a maximum of 10 days in jail and a fine of up to $200.
We spend too much on wasteful laws aimed at non-violent other wise safe people.
Let us start the conversation with the support of these bills.

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Support Sen. Johnson’s medical marijuana bill, SB 902 and SB 914