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The approximately 200 elementary age children currently attending Edgemere Elementary in Oklahoma City have been thriving in the newly modeled "community based" school and deserve to continue to attend their school. Closing Edgemere Elementary and forcing these children to "merge" into Martin Luther King Elementary would subject them to emotional and mental trauma, place undue hardships on their families and overwhelm MLK faculty, who are already facing their own issues with budget shortfalls. The fact that the Oklahoma State Government has mismanaged education funds SHOULD NOT become the burden of these children and their families.

An excellent article written about Edgemere Elementary and its community partnerships can be found by visiting


“Edgemere is one of 54 elementary schools in Oklahoma City Public Schools, the state’s largest public school district. Edgemere, a Title 1 school with a long history of serving students from Jefferson Park, Paseo and Crown Heights-Edgemere Heights neighborhoods, distinguishes itself as a community school, a preferred model of education reform by former U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Community schools combine education with strong school and community resource partnerships. School staff and community partners work to meet the needs of students and their families, a majority of which live in or on the edge of poverty. More than 90 percent of students qualify for Title 1 services, which are determined by the federal government. The nonprofit group Friends of Edgemere School advocated converting the prekindergarten through sixth-grade school into The David R. Lopez Community School at Edgemere Elementary. Lopez is a former Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and OKCPS interim superintendent.

School leaders like Stieg and Strickland are optimistic that Edgemere has established the right supports to close achievement gaps and influence the future of impoverished students from nearby neighborhoods. At the same time, the two realize the community school model requires long-term work. The effects of poverty and complex social structures, exacerbated by levels of inequality and minimal funding, will continue indefinitely to challenge Edgemere and other schools.”

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