Justice For Derrick Scott

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On may 20, 2019, 3 Oklahoma City police officers responded to a call stating that a black man was brandishing a firearm while in an argument with other individuals.

This man was 41 y/o Derrick Scott was kneeled on for THIRTEEN (13) MINUTES, causing difficulty breathing.

After repeatedly telling officers Jarred Tipton, Ashely Copeland, and Sgt. Jennifer Titus that he couldn’t breathe, Tipton replied with “I don’t care.”

He was pronounced dead an hour later at a local hospital. ‬All three officers involved were cleared of any criminal charges. The District Attorney, David Prater, spoke on the matter at the time and said that there was nothing inappropriate about the officers’ actions, and that they “did exactly what they should have done under the circumstances handled the call very well.”

His autopsy report stated that he died from his lung collapsing. They also listed other several “significant” factors to his death in favor of branding the 3 officers’ innocence such as: asthma, heart disease, physical resistance, emphysema, and recent methamphetamine use.

All 3 of his murders was free. The fight for justice for the black community is not over. #JusticeForDerrickScott