Animal cruelty and the corruption in law enforcement not enforcing the law.

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On July 15th Maggie, a momma dog, with 9 puppies, was shot in the head and killed. The person who shot her was fostering her for a rescue and he claimed she killed his chickens. He murdered this Momma dog then proceeded to post a picture of her dead body on social media for all to see, stating "fuck that dog." He even went as far as making The picture of Maggie's dead body as his profile picture.  The local sheriff's office refuses to file charges even though there are laws protecting animals. The DA refuses to speak about it as well. Maggie still has 9 puppies left behind. The killer continues to boast about his killing of Maggie and post horrendous pictures of slain animals. My family rescued Maggie and her puppies and we are heartbroken and are seeking justice. We want to make this animal torturer an example for all those people like him since law enforcement refuses. Please help us bring Justice to Maggie and all animals being treated cruelly and killed.