Making chickens fight, get wounded, thrown away, then killed. Please eliminate cockfights

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They put two male roosters (shamo) in a small enclosure where they cannot escape, make them fight, enjoy it, and bet money. 
The chickens bleed from their heads and bodies, and even bones get exposed, and then the winner and loser are determined. 
They mercilessly discard the chickens who lost and became useless.  
Female chickens who cannot be used for cockfighting, and male chickens used as underdogs by getting their claws and beaks cut off then become battered are also discarded. 
It is said that they cut off the lower beak to make a rooster defenseless and make him fight with a healthy roster and bet on how many minutes the fight lasts. 
On the site of the Okinawa prefecture animal protection group "Cockhouse" that began to protect the abandoned roosters from 2018, and on nearby roads, they throw them away with both legs tightly restrained with tape or discard them by stuffing them in feed bags.
Some chickens were dead in the bag.
Some chickens were dead on the road.
There are even chickens who were abandoned on the highway.

This is what is happening now in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.

Injuring animals fall under animal casualty crime, or animals abuse crime, and throwing away animals falls under animal abandonment crime (Article 44 of the Animal Protection Administration Act). 
Moreover, if money is being bet, it also falls under the criminal law of illegal betting (Criminal Law Articles 185 and 186).  Despite being illegal in many respects, this is continuing in Okinawa prefecture. 
Perhaps because they understand the illegality of cockfighting, it is being held secretly.

Okinawa's culture?

We can say for certain that it is not. 
Cockfights are held hidden and neither the administration nor the police knows the locations, and something hidden like that cannot be said to be culture or tradition.  And many people do not enjoy the violence of cockfighting, but prefer peace.  Furthermore, cockfighting takes place in many regions and is not unique.  However, many areas recognized their cruelty and adverse effects on their surroundings, and abolished it or have weed them away.  Making animals fight, such as cockfights and dogfights, has already been expressly prohibited by the ordinance in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kanagawa, Fukui, and Ishikawa prefectures.

To eliminate the series of inhumane acts from cockfighting in Okinawa prefecture, it is necessary to clarify the ban by Okinawa Prefecture itself, that is, by the regulations of the Prefecture.

We are currently submitting to Okinawa Prefecture a "Petition for establishing regulations to prohibit cockfighting".

To support this, please do sign the petition.

Reexamination will take place in the prefectural assembly in July.

Okinawa Prefecture, please do not support violence to the weak.

Animal Rights Center Japan