The Removal of Jim Detro as County Commissioner

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Jim DeTro on May 30th, 2020 shared an image on Facebook (That had 159 reactions, 544 comments, and 17 shares) that incited violence against the protesters. This country is in a very dark, vulnerable, place. A moment where we can either grow, or go in a direction that will be worse than where we were before. As a man who holds the office of County Commissioner, in Okanogan County, I believe he should be held to a very high standard that represents EVERYONE. He just doesn’t represent those who voted for him, but also the ones who disagree him. This petition needs to either encourage him to resign or someone in higher authority needs to ask for his resignation. By stepping down hopefully someone else will take his place, someone who doesn’t side with causing violence against those he disagrees with. Civility doesn’t belong to a political party, it belongs to everyone and Jim DeTro doesn’t fit the description of a man of honor, respect, and civility. He must be resign from his office.