Oppose the Kelowna Water Supply Plan's use of Mission Creek as a primary water source.

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Kelowna residents and visitors alike, love Mission Creek, it's Greenway and it's iconic Kokanee salmon run.

A lot of time, effort and money has been spent to restore it's fish and wildlife habitat, expand the Greenway and preserve Mission Creek's educational, cultural and recreational value to the community.

That is why we are asking people to oppose the new Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan that proposes Mission Creek become the new primary water source for Kelowna's drinking water.

The thought of using this fragile and recently restored watershed as the primary source of water for the majority of Kelowna residents, in an environment of climate change and peak summer water scarcity, is ill conceived at best.

The City of Kelowna has a civic duty to Kelowna tax payers to continue to provide clean drinking water from a reliable and environmentally sound source/s, and pumping and treating water from a reservoir like Okanagan Lake has already proven to be more than suitable.

Please let our local City councillors know, that the Kelowna Integrated Water Supply Plan to provide a more cost effective water supply for the City at the risk of the degradation of Mission Creek's water flows, it's ecosystem and the local Okanagan Lake fishery, is not inline with our community values.

Thank you for signing this petition and helping protect Mission Creek, your natural resources & Kelowna's green spaces !!