High schools should encourage discussions on race

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Graphic abuse can be read about, but race can't? Sign if you think that discussions of racism in society should be allowed and encouraged in the classroom

An English teacher at Choctaw high school was planning on doing a lesson on historical and present racism in our society and she was planning to use excerpts from was White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo.

A parent complained and said not only would her child not be reading it, no child would be and insinuated that the teacher shouldn’t be teaching about racism at all.

She complained and administration backed the parent. Choctaw teachers have said there has never been a book that was contested by a parent that the district didn’t side with the teacher on (even Kite Runner which has graphic depictions of abuse).

There has always been the option to give a kid another book to read but this parent didn’t want anyone reading it. In a time like this, it is incredibly important to teach these kinds of books in classrooms where safe discussions can be had and hard questions can be asked. This teacher had a solid plan to teach about racism which is so ingrained in our local community and a parent shot her down.

Help us show the school district that race and racism SHOULD BE discussed in the school system!