Multi-County OHV Trail system for economic Development & Management

Multi-County OHV Trail system for economic Development & Management

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Dear Mr/Mrs Representative :

 I am writing to discuss the benefits of increasing OHV (OHV: These include the drivers, riders, and passengers of All Terrain Vehicles  ATVs, Dirtbikes and UTVs) tourism access in Southeast Missouri.

 OHV recreation is a proven financial stimulus to the tourism market with the average rider spending a minimum of $100 on a single day trip. Rural Missouri is in recession; we should encourage these struggling areas to embrace OHV tourism as we have the opportunity to directly impact and benefit financial success of local businesses. We can connect rural Missouri to OHV trails, which can provide employment thus income while bringing new money to these distressed regions. OHV tourism can diversify the economy of South East Missouri and create a culture of entrepreneurship based around trail oriented business (outfitters, rentals, guides, cabins, hotels, restaurants, etc) the same way the canoe & kayak industry has to several Missouri communities.

 We have the potential to create a world class interconnected trail system throughout South East Missouri, creating a Disney World of outdoor recreation in the United States. Private/Federal and State entities can still retain the ability to develop natural resources. South East Missouri once thrived off mining & timber industries which has left us with an extensive network of mining, timber, forest and county system roads which could be reclaimed for OHV travel.

 OHV recreation is the fastest growing recreation market in the United States, contributing 68 billion dollars in 2016. OHV enthusiasts seek an extensive trail network where riders can ride into towns for gas, groceries and lodging without having to load their machine back onto their trailer. 

 Hatfield McCoys West Virginia:  Economic impact grossed 25 million dollars - 80% generated by out of state visitors. Economic impact has grown 74% since 2006 with the addition of a trail network. reported direct economic contributions of powersport retailers in 2015 at a total of 987 Million dollars reported the Midwest owns 27% of the UTV sales market in the United States. Missouri only has 1 Federal & 1 State facility that accommodates OHVs wider than 50".

Our organization has retained SEMO University to produce an economic impact study to assess the benefits for South East Missouri, which I will send to you upon completion. I have also attached two resources of recreational summaries for your review. 

 There is a significant need within the state and throughout the Mid-Western United States for well managed facilities targeting trail oriented recreation for OHV enthusiasts. We ask for your sponsorship and support to create and empower a joint development entity to work with landowners, county officials and community leaders, state and federal government agencies, recreational user groups and other interested parties. We hope to enable and facilitate the implementation of an authoritative party, and your support with this process will greatly assist in the realization of the potential benefits discussed above.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.


 Andrew Grover



"Managed trails protect our resources"

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!