Support Ohlone Students in Removing Article 6

Support Ohlone Students in Removing Article 6

July 11, 2019
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Ohlone Board of Trustees
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Started by ASOC Ohlone

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ASOC is Ohlone College's Student Government which advocates on students' behalf to ensure students have a voice.

Today that voice is in danger.

Article 6 is an unusual clause in the ASOC constitution that gives complete control over the student government and clubs to the College President. This is known as a 'Supremacy Clause'. 

The College President has used this clause to force student government members not to discuss unflattering items, or even forcibly change their votes to favor the college administration's interests. In the last year, it has been used to forcibly change requirements to join ASOC despite student outcry, and even revoked ASOC's ability to sign a letter in support of improving student transportation between Ohlone campuses.

This kind of clause does not exist in any found UCs and CSUs, and is rare even in the community college system, as near 90% of California community colleges who have publicly accessible documents do not have a supremacy clause (86 in total).

Since ASOC has taken up the fight against this suppression of the students' voice, Ohlone College, through President Dr. Browning's directives, has retaliated.

All of ASOC's budget has been frozen, which students pay into every year and funds all college clubs and most campus events. They have also banned ASOC from reserving rooms on campus to meet, have blocked ASOC from being able to post and make accessible their minutes online in accordance with Brown Act, and have blocked ASOC from submitting any amendments to their constitution to the Board of Trustees for ratification.

ASOC and its allies now pull together. With no funding or institutional support, as well as many baseless threats by the college of what may come if the students don't back down; ASOC will not back down. ASOC has gathered endorsements and support from across the community, including student leaders across California, local politicians, student clubs, and local businesses, all who are not afraid of the administration's tactics. We call on the community now to join us in fighting for free speech on Ohlone College's campus, and support of its student body.

By signing this petition, you are co-signing the following letter to Ohlone's Board of Trustees calling for an end to this abuse, and for the abolishment of Article 6.

Below is a link to the live document, which is regularly updated with endorsements of new Businesses, Community Leaders, Student Leaders, and Student Organizations. 

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This petition made change with 378 supporters!

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