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Put an end to the inhumane treatment of animals in mall pet stores

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The unstable living conditions of animals in small pet stores in Ohio is absolutely ridiculous. I have been to numerous pet stores where the animals are highly sedated, unable to move or play. I have also first hand witnessed these pet stores keep dogs in fish tank sized cages with absolutely no water! These pet stores also sell the animals for absurd amounts of money solely to make a large profit. I was told by an employee of the pet store in South Park Mall, Strongsville Ohio named "Pick of the Litter" that the dogs are never walkedand only taken outside if one of the workers is smoking a cigarette outside. At Petland in South Park Mall, Strongsville Ohio, the kitten that they had in a small enclosure had so much wax and dirt in her ears that you were unable to see the inside of her ears at all. In the same pet store there were large breeds of dogs (Siberian husky, Rottweiler, and German Sheperds) over the age of 7 months held in small enclosures where they are unable to even turn around. This NEEDS to be solved. These animals deserve safe, sustainable, healthy living environments and they deserve it NOW!! Help me make a change and help our beautiful furry friends who have never asked to be put in these horrible conditions.

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