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Require ALL railroad crossings, to have 'lights, gates, and visible signs'

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On Easter morning of April 8, 2012, My beautiful, vibrant, 24 year old cousin Amanda Jo Grose was in a car/train accident around 3am. She was air lifted to Mercy St Vincent hospital with multiple injuries, visible and non visible. As all the family got wind of the accident, we all headed up to the hospital to see her, hopeful that she would survive. Throughout the day on April 8th, we all gathered in a small waiting room, praying and hoping she would be ok. Her vitals were at a decent stage, and she was somewhat responding when people talked and touched her. We all left the hospital that night thinking she would make it. In the wee hours of the night we get a call stating, the doctors couldn't find any brain activity(they were running multiple tests) So we all rushed back to the Hospital to be with Amanda's Mom and stepdad. As we sat in the waiting room, we were informed that they were going to do one last test to find any activity. We all sat in the waiting room, crying and praying to God that they would find SOMETHING, ANYTHING. As the last test came back, their was still no activity. It was time to say goodbye. That was the worst feeling in the world. As word spread that she was 'brain dead' more family and friends gathered to say their goodbyes, so many people were in that tiny room, showing sooo much love and support for my family. Amanda didn't deserve to die, she was an all around wonderful person, their wasn't a bad bone in her body. The out-pour of prayers concerns and love was awesome. That is why I am asking people to sign this petition. SOMETHING needs done, lives could be saved, my cousin could have been saved. So PLEASE sign this petition, so we can get something done!!! ALL RAILROAD CROSSINGS NEED LIGHTS, GATES AND SIGNS PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AND PASS IT ALONG TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. LET'S PASS ~MANDI'S LAW~

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