Ohio to Address Shortage of Home Care Providers

Ohio to Address Shortage of Home Care Providers

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Alicia Hopkins started this petition to CMS Regional Ombudsman Centers for Medicare an Medicaid Services and

There is a shortage of nurses and personal care attendants across the state of Ohio. In fact there is a nationwide shortage. In Ohio it is more complex then any other state. 

Our state has unfair auditing practices that drive our providers out. We continually have problems with providers being paid on a consistent basis as well. 

In addition our state GPS tracks people with disabilities and their providers through the use of Electronic Visit Verification. The Federal Law doesn't require GPS tracking. Ohio has done this to cut down on fraud and in the process violated the Civil Rights of both consumers and providers. Thus making more people leave.

Ohio has also pushed 80% of the state into managed care. This also has created many access barriers for Ohioans statewide. If a person on managed care needs a home care provider they are far and few in between. For some of the managed care plans it can take an approved or established Medicaid Provider up to six months to get a home care aide or nurse approved on managed care. 

Consumers are one step away from ending up in nursing homes. The state just doesn't give a  dam. We as consumers demand something be done. Our providers are put through so much with PCG and unfair auditing practices. Then to wait months and months to be credentialed by privatized Medicaid  plans is creating access barriers to care. 

It bad enough managed care itself limits the ability to find providers in medical world as well. We need more providers

The problems go beyond Medicaid. Those who get services from the County DODD boards also have a shortage in providers. One mother from Akron called over 500 providers since May and still doesn't have an aide to work for her son. This is wrong! 

We need our SSA's and Case managers calling helping these families find providers. It is ridiculous that people have gone 60, 90, or even six months without the care they need for their children or adults with disabilities. 

I call on the Governor to declare a shortage of homecare workers, I call on Ohio Medicaid to do the same and the Ohio Board of Developmental Disabilities. I call on CMS to declare a shortage. We have folks who are going to end up in nursing homes and institutions if something is not done to help situation.

I call on the head of CMS to examine situation in Ohio because no one is listening. I call on my State Representatives and my State Senators please for the sake of our children and adults with disabilities who want to be our community. 

I also call on Disability Rights Ohio. Consumers have called you with problematic situations yet get no response. Please step up before our people end up in nursing homes and institutions. 

We want up to date provider directories, fair auditing practices, better training for SSA's and Case managers for helping consumers find providers. In addition we want EVV requirements spelled out because chaos and confusion is causing providers to leave. We want DODD boards to work together to find people providers if not declare a shortages to help these families. We want Ohio Department of Medicaid to fix the process for established Medicaid Providers when it comes to being providers under managed care. Lastly we want you to declare a shortage of providers and help find way to get more providers on board. We want solutions not more laws that push out providers. Our loves matter just as much as yours. 



0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!