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Stop Animal Cruelty

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Animal cruelty is a growing problem but it is no longer limited to cock fights, dog fights, or neglect of animals. Declawing cats is one of these forms cruelty due to the damaging effects it has on the cats lives. It is considered a temporary fix because the surgery takes away the cats ability to scratch and destroy furniture; however, in the long run it destroys the cats lives. Cats need their claws to protect themselves against other cats and animals who mean to do them harm, climb up to get to safety and catch rodents; by taking away their claws owners and veterinarians are taking away the cats defense. There is no going back once a cat has been declawed, while it is a belief that this "saves" the cats from being taken to a shelter for scratching or destroying furniture, there are many other options other than declawing the cat in the first place: such as rubber tips, or by simply trimming the nails. Some veterinary practices start as young as 8 weeks old to declaw in order to prevent scratching of furniture; that is equivalent to cutting off the fingers of a toddler in order to keep them from grabbing or pulling teeth from a puppy to keep them from chewing. The concequences that arise from declawing are not only physical pain but also emotional distress from having this procedure done. Cats will have extremely sensitive feet which can lead to defecation and urination outside of the litter box, early onset of arthritis, and the possibility of biting is increased which is not good because diseases can be spread. Stop animal cruelty in the form of declawing cats because it is viewed as an easy way to correct a problem sadly in the long run it creates more problems for the cats and their owners than is necessary. I am asking the Ohio State Senate, House of Representatives, Ohio Legislator, Ohio Supreme Court and the Governer of Ohio to make declawing a form of animal cruelty and ban the practice from our state. It is time we started looking out for our furry family members because they don't have a voice.

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