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Get Rid of the Resident Educator Program: Override Governor Kasich's Line Item Veto

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On June 30th, Ohio Governor John R. Kasich completed several line item vetoes in H.B. 49, which is the FY2018-2019 State of Ohio Operating Budget. Item number 10 vetoes the Elimination of the Ohio Resident Educator Program. Governor Kasich explained why he thinks Ohio's New Educators need to complete the Resident Educator Program:

"This provision eliminates the four-year program for new teachers that they complete in order to prepare for a professional educator license issued by the State Board of Education. Elimination of this program creates a situation where teachers have no path to move from resident educator to professional licenses. One-on-one mentoring support, instructional guidance and detailed, objective feedback on classroom performance help new teachers drive improved student learning and achievement. Having a program that provides feedback and support to teachers in their first years of teaching is critical for student success and for retaining teachers. Therefore, this veto is in public interest."

Although we would not argue that the need for support and mentors are key to retaining teachers in the education field, the Resident Educator Program does not improve teacher performance as Governor Kasich believes. He stated that the program provides detailed, objective feedback. For anyone that has completed the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA) in their third year of teaching, they could tell you that the feedback is vague and does not provide guidance for the teacher to improve their practice. In fact, many of us have been evaluated through the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) while being considered Resident Educators. We often receive more valuable feedback during the OTES process than the RESA process. Additionally, the RESA tasks are incredibly time-consuming and that takes time away from our students.

As an educator, we completed an accredited teacher-prep program, we were immersed in several field experiences to practice our skills under the guidance of mentor teachers, and we took state-mandated assessments in our areas of expertise to earn our license. We have already jumped through hoops to start our career, we should not be required to complete tasks that do not help us become better teachers to stay in the field. Let us do our jobs and help our students succeed.

We are asking that the Legislators in Ohio override Governor Kasich's veto of the Elimination of the Resident Educator Program. 

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