Stop turning a blind eye to the animal abuse

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Ohio representatives Huffman and Manchester, We ask you to stop turning a blind eye to the animal abuse Epidemic. We want all animal abuse/ neglect to be a second degree felony. The language of this law must be such that prosecutors and judges MUST hand down appropriate sentences. The fundamental role of law enforcement/ government is to protect the innocent and speak for the unspoken. You have failed our innocent, loving, voiceless domestic animals for centuries. This must stop !

It is well known that animal abuse is the first heinous act to violent crimes on humans and you have continued to allow such evil people to walk freely. Our domestic animals are not property and should not be treated as such. That needs to change as well. There should be zero tolerance for this kind of evil on these innocent beings.

Tethering a dog 24/7 should be considered abuse It puts the dog in harm's way unable to escape any danger and ends up being left without food, water and adequate shelter. Since they are social beings that crave human interaction, this leads to aggression in the dog which in turn can be a hazard to the community through no fault of the dog.

We can only stop this abuse with your help. Many cities such as ours have part time humane agents that you can rarely reach and they do nothing many times. We need humane agents on each city's police dept.

And let’s take a look around. Animals are being put to sleep daily and the rescues are bursting at the seams. This is an overpopulation problem. A 5 yr ban on breeding to clear the shelters and slow down the need for rescue is very needed. Low cost spay neuter clinics for trap/ neuter and return would end the huge overpopulation of stray cats as well. These cats fill our humane societies and rescues and cost your tax payers thousands because they all rely on donations to care for the animals.