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Definition of an Exotic Pet

An exotic pet is an non-naative species living outside its native distributional range, which has arrived there by human activity, either deliberate or accidental. Many animals that are commonly considered to be regular pets fall under the definition of exotic pets. They include ferrets, guinea pigs, white rats, hamsters, gerbils, and rabbits (this definition is from Wikipedia).

We oppose any ban or the over regulation of exotic animal ownership in Ohio. We agree that there is a need for fair regulation of exotic animals in Ohio but an all out ban will create unintended cosequences to responsible law abiding owners and the irresponsible owners will continue to defy the law.

We feel a ban is a knee jerk reaction to the actions of ONE individual in Ohio. The Zanesville situation should not trigger a ban affecting all exotic pet owners who are responsible individuals and who have complied with laws for exotic pet ownership.

If the bans are passed, idividuals who have had exotic pets for years will have to find new homes for their animals out of state or they will be subject to confiscation by the state. IF the state does not fund a sanctuary or zoo for these animals, then private zoos and sanctuaries that can take them will become full and perfectly healthy happy pets who cannot be placed, will have to be killed. Such beloved pets would also probably not survive in the stress of a zoo or sanctuary. This would not be fair to the animal or individual owner. Exotic pets owned by individuals are a very minimal threat to the public. Also many people who don't think they will be affected by the bans, may very well be. See definition of Exotic Pets above.

These bans are also one more way for HSUS and PETA and other "animal rights" organizations to reach their real agenda of a "no animal or pet" society. Their real goal is to have no animal that serves any purpose for a human--such as for food, fiber or companionship. In the animal rights world, all people would be vegan and even such animals as seeing eye dogs would be eliminated.

We support laws for exotic and other pet owners that are REASONABLE so that the public and the animals are protected. There are reasonable animal owners ownership laws on the books already in regards to animal welfare, escape of animals and enforcement. By tweaking existing laws and adding regulation for animal care and safety, we feel there is no need for a ban of exotic animals in Ohio.

We, the undersigned, agree with the above

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