Open Motorsports In Ohio

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Motorsports have been completely left out of consideration for Ohio's re-opening plan from COVID-19.  Despite many race tracks, promoters and event organizers contacting departments of health and repeatedly contacting the State, we are unable to get answers as to why motorsports must remain closed.

Drag Racing, High Performance Driver Education at road courses, Autocrosses and other small-format events are completely conducive to operating in a socially distanced safe manner.  Golf courses have been allowed to open, and have a reasonably comparable socially distanced, outdoor event format.

Most of these small-format events have participants remaining in their car for nearly the entire event and are as safe as driving down the street!

Motorsports have been unfairly lumped into "entertainment venues" that have high human-to-human interaction and nobody will take the time to understand this is NOT the case and that we can safely operate.

Motorsports are a great, safe outlet for Ohioans to get out of their house and enjoy the approaching summer weather and are safer than a trip inside a grocery store!  Motorsports also support many thousands of jobs across the state!

We are NOT asking to have races with thousands of spectators, just small socially distanced enthusiast events!

Sign our petition to demand that Ohio re-open race tracks and allow small-format, socially distanced motorsports now!