Harley's Law - legally requiring parents to report missing children in a timely manner.

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Over 20,000 children go missing every year in the state of Ohio. While most are runaways and most children are recovered alive and well, there are still many who remain missing or are found dead. Harley Dilly was one of those unlucky kids who didn't make it home. 

Harley Dilly wasn't reported missing for almost two days. He died, stuck in a chimney less than 200 feet from his own home after struggling to breathe for an estimated 6 to 7 hours. Calls from the school were ignored and despite the fact that he never came home, no one reported him missing. He most certainly screamed for as long as he could and no one was even looking for him.

It's time to hold parents responsible for neglect. No parent should ever be allowed to fail to report their child missing in a timely manner. It is time to stand up for the neglected and abused. It's time to require parents to parent again. It's time to make sure that Harley's death was not in vain. Let's protect our youth.