Visitors restrictions in Healthcare Facilities during Pandemic

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No Patient or Resident in a Healthcare Facility will be denied one support person during their stay even during a Pandemic. It is detrimental to a person to face medical decisions and go through treatment without a support person. Pregnant Mother's should not receive news that there is no heartbeat without support! A person should not hear you have cancer alone! Children under the age of 19 should have both Parents in person with them as well. No Hospital or Healthcare facility (Infusion clinics,Treatment Centers, Nursing Homes, Labor and Delivery ETC.) has the right to implement a No Visitor restriction even at a Physician's appointment. One support person should always be allowed with proper PPE (personal protective equipment) if the Pt. or Resident so chooses!  My Husband received Chemotherapy treatments during a pandemic, I was not allowed in with him during treatment. He was left to make a decision with no communication from me, (I am his medical POA) under the influence of IV benadryl and the mental stress of Chemotherapy. Which caused him to receive a burn and scarring to his vein that has remained permanent and still causes pain. A pandemic is not included in constitutional laws, federal or state, to interfere with our liberties and rights.  The mandates are not laws, it is just an entity who has decided that this is somehow a threat to others safety and well being but they have no right to do this!