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Charge for Parking at the West Side Market

Parking is a valuable commodity in a busy urban corridor. In order for parking to be safe, well-maintained, and accessible, the best solution is to charge a nominal fee for those who wish to use it.

See the following statistics:
Annual costs of a street parking spot in an urban area: $1,341 per spot
Annual costs of a structured parking spot in an urban area: between $2,800 & $4,000
Cost for cities to maintain a parking spot for all car-owning residents: $4,400 per car/per year, of which car owners pay about of the cost directly and the rest is subsidized, paid indirectly.
It costs more to build a space for a single car in a parking garage than to provide bike parking for 160 (!) bikes in the same area.

We believe the West Side Market and Ohio City businesses are worth the price to park. We also believe that people who do not wish to pay to park should utilize services such as the Cleveland RTA, carpooling, and bicycling, which would relieve traffic congestion and contribute to making the West 25th street more walkable and enjoyable for all visitors, residents, and business owners.

We are willing to pay for parking or will find another efficient alternative to visit the vibrant Ohio City neighborhood because it's worth it!


This petition is in support of Ohio City Inc's Multimodal Transportation Plan that can be found here.

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