Introducing more Black History/White Privilege into Ohio Curriculum

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With current events such as the murder of George Floyd & nationwide protests. It has become increasingly clear how many Americans are not educated on Black History Specifically figures who have paved the way. As well as the privilege they hold. 

The goal of this petition is to urge our representatives to introduce more black history to the base curriculum in Ohio schools. After all it is American history, and should be taught year round not just in February. It is well known that in most American schools the only people mentioned when it comes to historical black figures are Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and, Harriet Tubman. This is simply to narrow of a view to study the ways Black Americans have contributed to society as well as the black experience. This shouldn’t stop with past historical figures. Current events/figures pertaining to Black Americans should be talked about as well. 

When discussing the struggles and achievements of Black Americans it is also very, very important to have discussions about the privilege non black and white people hold in society. This has been evident due to the lack of knowledge of what white privilege is and how people use it to oppress Black Americans throughout history and so on. As well as how they could use it to further the equality of Black Americans. 

This is an important issue that has been ignored for far too long. The disregard for the contributions, achievements and overall history of Black people in the United States has led to generations of uneducated people and it is time to educate our kids for a better future.