For justice; release the DNA in the Ryan Widmer case.

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We, the undersigned concerned citizens, urge the Warren County Prosecutor’s and/or the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to turn over any genetic material of Sarah Ann Widmer, deceased, to appellate counsel Michele Berry for genetic testing. The tests are essential for possibly determining whether there was a grave miscarriage of justice in the case of Ryan K. Widmer, who maintains his innocence of any wrong doing in the bathtub drowning of his wife Sarah, in 2008. 

Despite 3 trials certain pieces of evidence were never presented to jurors to consider because authorities skipped some key steps in the investigation of Sarah’s death. Additionally new information has surfaced in documents increasing concerns that Sarah actually may have drowned as a result of an undiagnosed medical disorder. To our knowledge no tests were done that could have ruled out several conditions that Ryan’s lawyers suspected. Most notably Sarah walked abnormally at times, including the night she died, according to her husband. Several medical resources say that could be linked to neurological or other conditions. In addition, Sarah had abnormally low-set ears, an unusually small lower jaw, short stature and excessive daytime sleepiness.  All of these conditions could have been indicative of certain disorders such as Long QT Syndrome type 7. If tests can show whether or not she suffered from Long QT syndrome that would have been important information for jurors to consider. It is our concern that the jurors in Ryan’s case were unaware of all of the relevant medical factors that could have helped them to reach a different conclusion. 

In the interest of fairness and justice release the DNA.