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Put Keeno's killer behind bars!

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The Ogden New York Police Department has concluded that they are not pressing charges against Guy Pietrantoni for the shooting and killing of our family dog, Keeno. Keeno accidentally got loose from our family home on Hutchings Road in Ogden, NY on April 22, 2017. Guy and Sally Pietrantoni of Stony Point Road in Ogden NY, were walking their two dogs past our family home when Keeno ran out towards their direction. Keeno was not an aggressive dog. Keeno was a two year old dalmation lab mix breed rescued from the Rochester Animal Shelter and was a friendly family pet for a Parkinson's sufferer. Keeno was an affectionate and loving dog who was a central part of our family. Despite the allegations from the Pietrantoni's that Keeno had an aggressive nature, there is no factual basis to this claim. According to Sergeant Miller of the Ogden Police Department, per the police report, Keeno did not attack Sally or Guy Pietrantoni or their dogs. Also, according to the same police report, there were no bite wounds to either of them or their dogs. One of Keeno's owners were a few feet behind him attempting to grab him when she witnessed Guy Pietrantoni grab Keeno by the collar, flip him over and shoot him in the stomach area numerous times. During the process he "accidentally" shot his wife in the leg. In January of 2017 Keeno got free off his leash while on a walk and ran in the direction of the same party, Sally Pietrantoni and her dogs. In January Keeno once again did not injure Sally or her dogs. My father learned days later that he was being issued a violation ticket for "dog harassment " because Sally was so upset about a "pitbull" running near her. My father plead not guilty, hired a lawyer and was prepared to go to trial to have the dog harassment ticket dismissed. The Pietrantoni's were upset about this and began walking together with their dogs past my fathers house numerous times a day. Sometimes up to eight times a day. The Pietrantoni family does not live on the same street as my father and had numerous other options of areas to walk their dogs daily yet they still chose to walk past my fathers house continuously. After months of doing this, carrying a loaded firearm, waiting for the opportunity, Guy Pietrantoni was ready on April 22 and shot and killed him. Keeno bled to death as he ran through the front lawn of his home, where he died. Our family immediately hired animal rights attorney Matthew Albert from Buffalo NY. Who diligently tried to work with the police department for charges to be filed against Guy Pietrantoni. At the start of the investigation, we learned that Guy Pietrantoni had family currently working in law enforcement. Due to this, there was concern that this would impact their decision on whether or not to press charges. Both our attorney and our family attempted to keep in close contact with the police department during the investigation. Weeks later, we were advised that the investigation was closed and that no charged were being filed. The shooting of his wife was referred to Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Bill Gargan. He had the option of charging him with Reckless Endangerment 2nd & Assault 3rd but prosecution was declined and closed. Mr. Gargan stated it did not appear possible based on evidence to show "criminal negligence" required for an assault charge under subdivision 3. Gargan also advised that the case did not fit the mandatory arrest criteria for Reckless Endangerment 2 because the victim, his wife, was clearly declining to pursue the matter. The Monroe County District Attorney did not charge Guy Pietrantoni with the shooting and killing of Keeno. Due to statements given by Guy and Sally Pietrantoni, they perceived Keeno was attacking their dogs. Based on their statements, Bill Gargan stated the shooting of Keeno appeared justified under NY Agriculture and Markets Law Section 123-a2. The Pietrantoni's statement contradicts Sergeant Miller's statement which stated that there were no injuries or bite marks to either of their dogs. Our attorney, Matthew Albert, hired a Forensic Veterinarian who concluded Keeno was shot two times in the center mid-line of his chest as entrance wounds and both exited in his back. Also, his findings conclude that Keeno was in a stationary postion. This confirms that Guy Pietrantoni shot Keeno while holding him by the collar. This also contradicts his statement that the only contact he had with Keeno was with him kicking him away from his dog. Our attorney and family are requesting that upon receiving the forensic veterinarian report that Ogden Police Department and the Monroe County District Attorney Office will reopen the investigation and hold Guy Pietrantoni accountable for his criminal actions.

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