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Save Ilesa Grammar School from Extinction

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Ilesa Grammar School was founded by the sweats of our fathers, It was opened to the public in 1934 as the pioneer secondary school in Ijesaland, A land populated by about a million hardworking people. Ilesa grammar school has played a significant role in the development of Nigeria by producing worthy alumni that can be found in all strata of life all over the world.

"Ile Grams" as we are popularly known is the first secondary school in Ijesaland, the story of these great people, Our people can not be complete without Ilesa Grammar School, The school and the name means so much to many distinguished Nigerians

The future of our great school has suddenly come under a great threat through the policy of the state governor who feels that the school should give way to a vocational centre and have a name change, these two moves will ensure that our great school will cease to exist if some form of action is not taken immediately. As honourable men and women, we want to use this medium to appeal to our governor, whom we help elect to listen to us to please leave our school well alone. We do not want a name change and a vocational school should be located elsewhere.

Dear Mr Governor, We implore you not to take the feelings of your people for granted. Our school means a lot to us and to the society which it has served meritoriously for 83 years. Retaining our school name and structures will gladden our hearts and be to the gain of your administration. Afterall, the democracy you fought for is a government of the people by the people for the people.

Therefore, we the under listed pray thee;

1.To retain the name of our school, Ilesa Grammar School, this can be done without affecting the state policy on education by indicating the school status in front of it's original name - Ilesa Grammar School (High School)

2.Not to change our school to a vocational centre, there should be a more suitable and an all -encompassing arrangement to have a vocational centre in Ijesa land

3. To retain the school historical buildings such as the Empire Building, Lahanmi Library etc for learning by students and to preserve same as objects of historical significance for the future generations

4. To honour the founding fathers of the school, and the esteemed old students who built all the structures in the school except one

May the labour of our heroes past not come to vain under your watch sir.

 Thank you

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