Offline Classes for 1st year DU Students

Offline Classes for 1st year DU Students

9 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by SK R

Thousands of students, every year with little dreams in their pockets come to the well known Delhi University.

It doesn't matter, how costly the dream is Parents never compromise with the happiness of their children.

But Delhi University opens and closes only on its comfort.

Least bothered, about its students, it has again closed many of its colleges, without any prior notice (of atleast 1 month) for the first year students, for the examinations of second and third years

This is really not fair.

Especially for the 2/3 rd students that come from outside of Delhi. Most of us have already have paid the rent for the month. And now, the landlords are not returning the money too. 

Some, thousands may not be a deal for some people but its surely a deal for many others like me.

If necessary, I request the authorities to postpone the exams of seniors or hold it online, as they wanted.

But it would be really unfair to ask us to go back to online. It is making us tensed and anxious, for we could have sit at home and studied instead of paying for a month of online classes.

So, I thereby request all the concerned authorities to listen to our plea.

Please Help Us!

And no, we ain't asking for a refund by either the government or the university, just for the right that we deserve.

Also, if possible please remove the rule of attendance compulsion/keep blended classes as permanent option because its a fact that all classes don't happen daily.

And due to the covid pandemic and University regulations there are many holidays in between, which further makes the outstation students more anxious.

We know our voices are well taken care of, thank you for your time.





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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
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