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Help end kill shelters in Nueces County TX

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In South Texas, many of the dogs are given 3-5 days to find a 'home'. Many other southern states give unlimited time for the dogs to be rescued. Shelters in North Carolina, and even Georgia, have dogs who have been at the shelters for two months.

A" bring them in put them down before the next batch arrives' mentality results in the already limited number of shelter volunteers scrambling to find homes. These 'homes' end up not necessarily being quality homes. MANY dogs are then re-dumped or returned, only to go through the same cycle. The shelters are ALWAYS full.

We are asking that the new mayor of this area, along with the police dept to: instate the following:

1) Support more shelter volunteers, allot money to shelters so more volunteers can be paid/help network/take videos/ and even conduct home visits/more thorough application processing. Do not allow free adoption events. These free events are causing more harm than good. People who can't afford a pet to begin with are adopting, and after the 2 week honeymoon period, returning the dog.

2) Mandate that all dogs taken in by AC shall be allowed to stay a minimum of 7 weeks in the shelters. A 72 hour stray hold where the hold window is up the 3rd day and then the dog is a candidate for adoption or EU gives essentially 0 time to find safety for the dog. *7 week MINIMUM shelter stay for ALL dogs  (strays included) + more volunteers would improve the amount of strays and allow for better homes to be found, thus resulting in less returns.

3) All adopters must register a chip before leaving the shelter premises with an animal. If their dog is later found, dumped or neglected or returned, adopter shall be fined $500-$1000 by the city and possible jail time depending on if it's a cruelty case.

4) Set up of cameras in hard hit areas where dogs are often found roaming. Any resident being caught dumping or abusing a dog will be heavily punished by fines or jail time.

5) Any pet owner who has a dog on a chain in their yard, to be fined $1000. Dogs are not meant to live life on a chain. The only time a dog should be on a rope or leash is during a walk. If the dog is seen on a chain and the image is captured on camera, police need to respond to address with proper enforcement/punishment follow through.

6) Create a partnership with local schools to help educate children on the humane way to care for a dog and cat. The next generation should be educated so this problem gets better and not worse. Create more awareness programs by utilizing local humane society, shelters, and boys and girls club, YMCA, schools, teen programs etc.


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