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Why this petition matters

Started by Anuj Goyal

Dear Parents & Students,

This petition is all about misuse of powers by National Medical Council which came to existence in 8th August 2019 as national body responsible for: 

1. Transforming Medical education system that improves access to quality and affordable medical education. 

2. Ensuring availability of adequate and high quality medical professionals in all parts of the country.

3. Promoting equitable and universal healthcare that encourages community health perspective and makes services of medical professionals accessible to all the citizens;

But contrary to their primary responsibilities NMC has played a adverse role in creating a situation full of confusions without any solutions. This whole issue is about the Pre-Meditated mindset of NMC to discourage students from pursuing their medical careers abroad.

NMC is not able to create affordable medical options for students in India rather it is making all efforts to create road blocks discouraging medical students for pursuing their careers in a democratic manner in destinations of their choice.



There is an advisory issued by (EOI) Embassy of India in Philippines about classification of BS & MD programs in The Philippines dated 28 February 2022 (Advisory on Applicability of NMC’s FMG Licentiate Regulations 2021). 

Advisory states that NMC has confirmed that only students who have taken admission for the MD course in the Philippines before 18 November 2021 would be considered to be fulfilling the eligibility criteria for registration to practice medicine in India. 

It also states that the bridging course of 1.5 – 2 years before MD course will not be included in calculation of duration in medical course. 


This random advisory of EOI has made an immediate adverse impact on lives and careers of 15000+ medical aspirants who are pursuing their medical education from The Philippines thereby putting them under tremendous stress.  

Board of Governors of National Medical Council are requested to look in to these points and clarify then with utmost objectivity. 


Kindly refer to the public notice given by NMC Board of Governance dated 05/04/2019 duly signed by Dr.R.K Vats Security General (NMC)


Point Number 2 : Candidates who qualify NEET once, his/her NEET score shall be valid for a period of three (3) years from the date of declaration of results. Such candidates shall be entitled to pursue MBBS or equivalent medical course including Pre-medical / Language course if any, followed by MBBS or equivalent medical course.

Question to NMC: Point number 2 states that considering Pre-Medical / Language course if any will be considered as part of medical course, so by observing above notes students are in the clear impression that going to The Philippines for Pre-Medicine and Medicine MD before 18th November 2021 will not be coming under new gazette (Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulation 2021).

Now when NMC is stating that Pre-medicine will not be considered as part of calculation of duration please explain when Pre-Medicine as a term is clearly mentioned by Dr. R K Vats in relation with 3 years relaxation for NEET then there lies no confusion in any form. It’s very clear that Pre-Medicine is very well considered as part of Medicine program by National Medical Commission.

NMC have to understand students went to Philippines not just to study BS course (pre medicine) but Medicine (MD).  The Philippines follows American Education Pattern which is divided in Pre-Medicine followed by Medicine. 

This is a clear case of randomly changing the previously issued guidelines without any application of healthy minds by BOG’s of National Medical Commission thereby spoiling the careers of thousands of Indian Medical Students. 



The Gazette of India (CG-DL-E-22112021-231275) issued by National Medical Council issued on 18 November 2021 clearly states that any new guidelines will be applicable for students taken admission post 18 November 2021. 

NMC Gazette  dated 18 November 2021 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K00KTc5otUagbGiULYo9VRvfgEyIYA8k/view?usp=sharing

Question to NMC: When students contacted National Medical Council they were clearly communicated that if admission is taken in Philippines before 18 Nov 2021 NO guideline will be applicable. There are numerous recordings of student conversations with NMC officials. Even students have clearly explained that they have taken admission in BS program and were given same answers basis which they paid their respective fees and stared their classes in universities. 

This seems like a deliberate attempt by National Medical Commission not to issue any clear communication which was requested by thousands of students.

When NMC is pro-active in issuing advisories on many aspects why they keep quiet and didn’t issued a simple clarification for students satisfaction. Moreover all these recent advisories are coming indirectly from Embassy of India in Philippines and not from National Medical Council.  

Students who have already taken admissions in year 2020 or before this gazette notification were left empty handed overnight because of NMC’s random advisories and has turned their lives upside down. 



In India, undergraduate medical education is governed by the Graduate Medical Education Regulations,1997 (hereinafter Regulations, 1997). The admissions to the undergraduate medical universities and colleges are in accordance with the Regulations, 1997. 

The Regulation 4 of the Regulations, 1997 prescribes minimum qualifications for taking admission to undergraduate medical course in India.


When course content is not as prescribed for 10+2 education structure of the national Medical committee the candidates will have to undergo a period of 1 year pre-professional training before admission to the medical colleges.  


The Pre-Medicine course may be conducted either at Medical College or a science college 

Question to NMC:

When it is very clearly mentioned in parent act 1997 about clear validation of Pre-medicine program how can NMC randomly declare that Pre-Medicine duration will not be considered as a part of medicine program from 18 November 2021. There has to be objective reasonings why there is a sudden change in policy framework turning it upside down when parent act is clearly explaining the course structure in detail. 

This again looks like a pre-meditated move by NMC against Medical Education system of The Philippines without any iota of explanation. It should be noted that Philippines follow a state of the art medical education system followed by countries like USA, Canada, Australia etc duly respected by international agencies like WHO, FAIMER, ECFMGE etc.  

This communication of NMC with EOI is against the parent act, and inconsistent to the Regulation 4 of Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 1997 



At least 15000+ students & parents are in tremendous stress due to these random changes in policy guidelines by National Medical Council. Changing narratives and putting fresh conditions without presenting any rationale reasoning in between the session is fundamental violation of right to equality given under Article 14 of the Constitution of India.

BOG’s of National Medical Council are requested to impartially evaluate their decisions and clearly communicate to the students in consistency with all policy guidelines and advisories issued earlier till date. 

Students and parents are requested to please sign this petition against injustice being done to them along with putting their comments and experiences. 

A collective voice of students has a great power to reach to the ears of policy makers to break their silence and take the subject into urgent cognisance for larger welfare of innocent students and parents. 

In anticipation of getting quick justice.



6,299 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!