Help Us Secure TWO MORE YEARS for Dennis Drue

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In July 2020, Dennis Drue will be eligible for parole under NYS law. He will have served seven of a maximum fifteen-year sentence for the horrific crash he caused in Clifton Park, NY killing our 17-year-old children, Deanna Rivers and Christopher Stewart.

We're asking for support of our petition by signing your name in an effort to maximize the time Dennis Drue serves in state prison. His sentence will be finite and one day he will be released.

We're saying, "NOT YET!" and hope you agree.

The loss of a beloved child, sibling, family member, classmate, and friend is a never-ending tragedy imposed for a lifetime. No amount of time heals the heartache or voided space and relying on mere memories becomes faded and stirs up anger. Even after seven years, it's unfair, senseless and raw! The crash could have been avoided had Dennis Drue been clear minded and focused while driving. His poor choices of driving distracted, drunk, and high placed this tremendous burden on all of us - and not just temporarily, like the jail sentence he's serving. 

Using your voice and signature to speak up and ask the NYS government to ensure Dennis Drue remains in prison for two more years is what we're asking. He will eventually be DONE with his term, but Chris and Deanna will forever be GONE. 

If you prefer to write your own letter in opposition to release, you may do so at: and search for Dennis S. Drue, inmate #13A5348 at Collins Correctional Facility.

Thank you for your consideration in signing this petition.


Brian, Debbie, and Jenna Rivers 

Mike & Regina Stewart