Fair trial is a basic right an accused has a right to know in detail charges against them

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According to universal declaration of  human rights;Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal. That right includes the right to know in detail the charges leveled against you.

Rev Tim Omotoso has been in arbitrary detention since 20 April 2017, he was denied bail and has been in pre trial  detention to date.   The right to fair trial is a fundamental right and it’s in the interest of administration of justice. Rev Omotoso was arrested without a warrant of arrest which is unlawful, state owned media was used to vilify him, violating his right to be presumed innocent till the state has proved their case. The number of visitors is restricted and the amount of water he can drink in prison.Presiding judge in his first trial had to recuse himself after it was discovered his wife was hosting state witness in her guesthouse.An impartial judiciary is crucial and fundamental in a fair justice system and can’t be compromised in a democratic country.

The right to a fair trial includes the right to know in detail the charges leveled against him. The state charge sheet has no details on it, no specific dates or locations it will just mention somewhere around a certain  area or it will mention between this year and that year making it difficult to raise an alibi in defense of the accused. The gravity of the charges are serious that the minimum sanctions are life sentences.It will be  in the interest of administration of justice to join us to ensure that Rev Omotoso get a fair trial, not kept in prison with vague charges and that he is not prejudiced for being a foreign national.