Petition to Remove House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano as Philippine Congress House Speaker

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DOTC via NTC's Solicitor General Jose Calida has filed the cease and desist order on the EXPIRED FRANCHISE of Philippine Network ABS CBN. 

ABS CBN has shut down last May 6, 2020. Last May 13, 2020, House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano filed and approved a "Provisional Franchise" which is House Bill 6732 to let ABS CBN operate until the end of October 2020.

According Atty. Larry Gadon's live feed, there is NO SUCH THING as "provisional franchise" which by law and consitution, the franchise renewal verdict should ONLY BE either rejected or approved to operate for 25 years. 

House Speak Alan Peter Cayetano has violated the law and the constitution by rushing the bill 30 minutes before the hearing last May 13, 2020 when the correct process should have been like this: The proposed bill has to be reviewed by ALL representatives on the entire house and must have a copy of it DAYS BEFORE THE HEARING. He immediately rushed to have it signed and approved by the few people on the house session that day which raised speculations and allegations that he clearly abused his power as house speaker in favor of ABS CBN who was desperate to have their franchise renewed as soon as possible.

It is clear that House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano has insulted our law, our constitution and our franchise renewal process.

Expired transportation franchises are for impound, Expired employment agency licenses are for closure, and you are not allowed to drive on an expired driver's license. However, an expired network franchise can be given an illegal "provisional franchise" easily by a house speaker through under the table payments? How is that not breaking the law?

The network has to undergo the same process the same way like everyone else and by law the verdict SHOULD ONLY BE Rejected or Approved to operate for 25 years. There is no such thing as Provisional Franchise as it is only fabricated with conflict of interest by House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano.

This petition has been created to remove such leadership by Alan Peter Cayetano in the congress as we will not allow our laws and constitution to be raped and insulted repeatedly by these so called "lawmakers" who are clearly lawbreakers. 

  • For Atty Larry Gadon's Live video, you can check on this link: