Office of the Indonesian Government in Bali: STOP the illegal slaughter of Green Sea Turtles!

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Office of the Indonesian Government in Bali: STOP the illegal slaughter of Green Sea Turtles!

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Between the 1970's and 1990's, Bali had been notorious as the hub of sea turtle smuggling with 27,000 sea turtles were slaughtered per year. The trade in green sea turtles remained a $1 million business despite a law enacted by the Indonesian government in January 1999 making it illegal to catch, possess or eat the animals. In Bali, local officials created a huge loophole by allowing hunters to catch 5,000 green sea turtles a year. In practice, this meant there was no limit on the number caught because the quota was never enforced. Despite the loophole being repealed, Bali's inhabitants slaughtered more endangered sea turtles than anyone else in the world, bringing the species ever closer to extinction. 

There are seven oceangoing turtle species, and all are listed as endangered under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Indonesia, home to six of the seven species, signed the treaty in 1979. The only kind the Balinese like to eat is the green sea turtle. It can weigh 400 pounds and measure 3 feet in length. It can stay underwater for 30 minutes without coming up for air and is known to travel 1,400 miles from its feeding grounds to its nesting site.

According to data from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an estimated 100,000 green turtles are killed in Indonesian and Australian waters every year.

In most of the world, green sea turtles are considered endangered. In Bali, they are considered a moneymaker.

Thanks to ProFauna's continued campaign works against the trade and hands on project on some beaches in Bali from saving the nesting sea turtles, relocate the eggs, to releasing the babies to the sea; the trade had fallen drastically and in 2011 the environmental activists proudly announced that "The cages and slaughterhouses in Tanjung Benoa are now all empty and no more turtles are being traded in public places. While it is still possible to find some animals on the black market but they are now hard to find. The number of killed and traded animals have dropped around 90 percent since the onset of the campaign!" 

There were all reasons to be proud! After an eight year battle against the turtle mafia the activists seemed to have won the war. 

Sadly, the issue is now rising its ugly head again. In January 2013, local newspapers reported that the illegal turtle trade had returned to it's old sheme, which has also been confirmed by their local animal and environment protection organisations. These proves that the protection offered in Bali is totally insufficient and that the police are not pursuing violations against Act No 7/1999, which prohibits the killing of and dealing with sea turtles, and against the CITES regulations that prohibits the trade of turtle products.


The killing of these magnificent creatures is a GRUESOME, BARBARIC process!

The turtle's plastron is sliced and ripped open, the internal organs are being removed, blood is scooped out, and the head cut off. During this entire massacre, the poor turtle is alive and struggling in pain!

See video (Warning: VERY GRAPHIC):

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Your Honor,

In depth investigations by PROFAUNA Indonesia and WSPA (the World Society for the Protection of Animals) have shown that last year 1115 sea turtles were caught in south-east Sulawesi alone and were shipped to Bali. More than 600 animals were poached in Wakatobi National Park. The area of Wakatobi is a popular destination for tourists and divers from all over the world. These people bring foreign currency into the country and create jobs for locals.

These facts prove the protection offered in Wakatobi is totally insufficient and that the police are not pursuing violations against Act No 7/1999, which prohibits the killing of and dealing with sea turtles.

Based on these facts, countless tourists and divers - myself included - will not visit Bali and south-east Sulawesi anymore.

I believe that this is not the kind of news that will be beneficial to your country's reputation. I seriously hope, that you will do everything possible to bring this issue under rapid control and that this senseless massacre will be stopped as soon as possible and for good.

Sincerely yours,

[your name]





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This petition had 12,131 supporters