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Ban the use of Glyphosate in the entire State of Hawai'i

Glyphosate is a carcinogenic chemical contained in the Herbicide 'Roundup'. A recent study published in 'Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry' has confirmed the contamination of the water table in those areas where 'Roundup' is used. Despite the corporate manufacturer 'Monsanto's claims, glyphosate is not breaking down rapidly. Apparently glyphosate accumulates in the water table in alarming quantities. Of the 140 groundwater samples taken in Catalonia, Spain, 41% posed a significant threat to public water supplies.
Hawai'i is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Its appeal has much to do with its diversity in animals and plants that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Hawaii's coastlines are fragile habitats to indigenous species, which are already distressed through ocean acidification.
Alone the amount of herbicides that is used by the State of Hawai'i along highways, in public parks and around government buildings poses a significant risk to all life on the islands.
Recent depressions with torrential rainfall have eroded large areas, with large amounts of 'Roundup' released into the ocean. The future of Hawaii's shorelines is depending on swift action. The chemical 'Glyphosate' must be banned and its use throughout the State of Hawai'i prohibited.
'Roundup' as a whole has been proven to be linked to life threatening conditions, such as skin cancer, liver damage, endocrine diseases, DNA damage, hormonal disorders, lymphoma and kidney damage.

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