Open Capitation Model Funding (FHO) to All Family Physicians in Ontario Urgently!

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April 24, 2020


Office of the Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

777 Bay Street, 5th Floor

Toronto, ON M7A 2J3



Dear Minister Elliott:


The current COVID-19 crisis is of great concern to all doctors in Ontario. We are working hard to maintain essential care and support our patients.  We are working to keep our patients out of emergency wards and manning COVID assessment centres.


Unfortunately, this crisis has disproportionately affected Fee for Service (FFS) physicians. In Family Medicine, it clearly highlights the growing disparity between FFS doctors and other payment models, ie FHO/FHT. FFS physicians are simply being paid less for equal work.   Now, we need to give FFS practices access to capitation payment models urgently.  


This situation has become critical due to COVID-19. Since 2015, established FFS practices, providing comprehensive family medicine, have been devalued and now some are in danger of closing.  Their patients will suffer.  New graduates have also had limited permanent opportunities and many are struggling.


It is time to fix the payment problem and end this inequity.  All of Family Medicine, its doctors and its patients, deserve equal privileges and equal opportunity. It is time to open the capitation payment model to all primary care physicians so we can continue to provide the care that Ontario’s patients deserve. 


We the undersigned, and each of our colleagues who join the petition, request that the Ontario Ministry of Health address this matter urgently.  Please support us in caring for our patients. 




Riva Levitan MD

Nili Kaplan-Myrth MD

Gabriela Lewin MD

Tim Capello MD

Tracy Sullivan MD

Susan Hicks MD

Keely Giles MD

Louise Wylie MD

Jodie Murray MD

John Saar MD

Faye Goldman MD

April Marinich MD

Katharine Carson MD

Michelle Brenhouse MD

Christina Kwan MD

Laura Visentin MD

Barb Morris MD

Arlene Rosenbloom MD

Lynsey Bartlett MD

Douglas Corkery MD

Sylvie Cloutier MD

Matthew Kennedy MD

Laura Lewin MD

Katelyn Lalonde MD

Jennifer Lamont MD

Nancy Fraser MD