Increased Education on Race, Prejudice, and Privilege at Wake Forest University

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We, as Wake Forest students, believe it is necessary to educate and inform students about racism, prejudices, biases, and privileges that people have towards races, genders, ethnicities, and sexes. In order to achieve this goal, we believe that the university should incorporate education on these issues into the academic curriculum, develop online training modules on biases, and enhance the diversity education included in orientation material. 

Our goal through this petition is to:

  1. Implement an online course/module that all students are required to complete annually. This course would begin with a bias test followed with education about race, prejudice, and privilege. 
  2. Create a class on race, prejudice, and privilege as part of a divisional requirement, or have this class be implemented as part of the First-Year Seminar/First-Year Experience curriculum.
  3. Revise and revamp educational material on race, prejudice, and privilege provided during orientation week for incoming first-year students. 

It is vital that Wake Forest University makes a long-overdue permanent change to show that we stand with the African American community especially in light of the racial injustices that have caused civil unrest across the nation. It is also vital that Wake Forest University educates its students on the racism, bias, prejudice, and privilege that occur against other oppressed communities.