Save Civic Amenity Spaces of Pune

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Dear Shri Uddhav Thackeray, Hon Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

The Pune Municipal Corporation is planning to sell off reserved amenity spaces thereby depriving citizens of Pune their legal rights of access to several civic amenities.

Amenity spaces are public property and are meant for creating public infrastructure for the citizens. Pune needs more amenity spaces for various essential utilities and amenities to be built by PMC and Government authorities for the development of the area, providing required infrastructure, and for the welfare and healthcare of citizens.

Under the PMC - Pune Development Control rules Sec 15.4.1 Development of Amenity Spaces - the amenity spaces are to be utilised for playground, garden, park, yoga meditation parks, primary school, high school, dispensary, fire brigade, police station, post office, electric substation, parking and like other services etc.….

Under other services the following additional amenities are very much desired by citizens of Pune - "urban forests, groundwater recharge parks, dug wells, animal shelters, community vegetable/flower/fruit gardens, community libraries, local garbage processing units, recycling units, electric charging stations, sports academies, organic waste processing units, employment centers, sanitation facilities, etc.  

Pune city is currently facing serious problems, lakhs of citizens face issues related to Garbage, Healthcare, Air Pollution, Flooding, Water Supply, Traffic, Parking, Electricity Supply, Encroachments, Illegal Constructions, Lack of Open Spaces, Lack of Recreational spaces etc. 

Instead of addressing these critical issues by using amenity spaces for the creation of public infrastructure, the Pune Municipal Corporation is trying to sell them off to private entities.  

We citizens request your intervention to stop the PMC from proceeding with the proposal to sell amenity spaces.

Thank you for supporting the citizens of Pune.

Citizens for Area Sabha - Pune