Nagpur Supports Mr. Tukaram Mundhe

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To support Mr.Tukaram Mundhe, Nagpur needs his administration.We needs his presence in Nagpur for his good and unique administration for development of city.

some of major decisions taken by his team under Mr.Tukaram Mundhe's administration:

  1.  Mass institutional quarantine facilities created at very early stages.
  2. Convert closed NMC schools,unused places into livelihood places as a shelter homes for beggars and homeless people. during lock-down some of places were kept reserved for Migrant peoples. 
  3. Tracing, identification, testing, isolating and treatment (unique strategy)were well managed.
  4. Continuously aware people with visiting the COVID centers, hospitals and shelter homes, etc. even by Facebook live he served the people awareness programs and daily updates within Nagpur status about COVID-19.
  5. well planned door to door garbage collection system executed by him.
  6. Handle situation of COVID-19 with strict implementation during all stages of Lock down.
  7. Cleanliness program for Nag river, Yellow(pili) river and Pohra river effectively.
  8. Effectively run program with different NGO's for Food Packets Distribution during COVID-19.
  9.  Due to his excellent administration and major steps taken during Lock down Nagpur city listed with Highest Recovery rates in Maharashtra state (approx.82%).


Due to his effective and unique style of administration with his team, Nagpur achieve to save thousands of life.

But within city all political parties were come up to Make No confidence Motion against him. they unite for him to move and transfer from Nagpur City. Even in this crucial time of pandemic they are just doing politics as usual.

Please sign this petition to support in the favor of Mr. Tukaram Mundhe, man of peoples, for a people. we as Nagpur People show support him for our great future.

this petition will send to CMO to take note of this -Nagpur People wants and supports him.