Nagpur needs Mr Tukaram Mundhe

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Hon'ble CM, Maharashtra State, Uddhav Thackeray

Everyone is aware about the recent developments in Nagpur's situation. The political vendetta of the corporators and the Mayor himself against an honest official is evident. We, the common people of Nagpur are saddened by the hate Mr Mundhe had to receive in return of his honest work, is something, Nagpur will never forget. The brazen attacks won't just be accepted now.  

And, We the people of Nagpur express our complete confidence in Municipal Commissioner, Mr Tukaram Mundhe.

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Mr Tukaram Mundhe took charge as NMC commissioner in the month of January and since then, in less than six months he has been able to change the face of Nagpur. He has proved his mettle against the deadly pandemic of coronavirus, by handling the situation very efficiently with appropriate use of iron fist and feather touch as per the demanding situation. Thanks to his strict, prompt, result oriented and focused methods of good governance; Nagpur city has phenomenally controlled the community spread of Covid-19, with recovery rate of 80%. 

Some of the steps taken by NMC under the able leadership of Mr Tukaram Mundhe are as follows:

1) Mass quarantine facilities created at very affordable costs and without corruption
2) Shelter homes for migrant labourers and beggars
3) Skill development activities for beggars
4) Strict implementation of lockdown in various stages
5) Door-to-Door Survey for Identification of patients
6) Tracing, Isolation, Testing and Treatment
7) Effective public awareness programs

As a result of these initiatives Nagpur could save millions of lives.
But unfortunately, some politicians with their own vested interests are introducing a formal no-confidence motion against an honest and hard working officer like Mr Tukaram Mundhe. It is a pity that they are demanding his transfer from city at this crucial and important time, when the city needs him. This kind of conspiracy against an honest IAS officer is not only shameful, but also is a blot on the image of Nagpur city.
We hereby, with our full knowledge & consciousness, go ahead with this PEOPLES' CONFIDENCE MOTION in favour of Mr Tukaram Mundhe in the larger interest of our family, community & our beloved city, Nagpur.