CBI enquiry for Sushant

CBI enquiry for Sushant

3 August 2020
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Started by Harsh Anmol

On 14 June 2020 , we lost one of the most beautiful smile and a really down to earth celebrity Sushant Singh Rajput.

His body was found hanging in his house and soon it was declared suicide.
But slowly we have started to found many evidences, witness and proof which lead to fact that something is still hidden.
A man who never cared about financial status and stardum , who wanted to explore the universe, who was brilliant enough to crack one of the toughest entrance examination , whose previous movies achieved great success nationwide was proven mentally weak and depressed.
Although his father and most of the people who know them personally was not at all satisfied with all the investigation done by Mumbai police.
His father and her ex girlfriend has raised questions against Rhea Chakraborty
Four officers of Patna Police went for investigation in Mumbai but they were not cooperated by Mumbai police even they have to travel in private auto to continue their investigation.
Also some facts which can't be ignored:
•15 crores was debited from his account
•her manager committed suicide a week ago
•he was continuously changing his sim cards
• and much more unfold truth
Therefore we as a citizen of India have a demand for a pristine inquiry.
And state officers are not cooperated properly , so only CBI enquiry can help to untangle all the mysteries and unmask the real culprit behind.
Justice for Sushant is important in the sense to protect democracy , Indian law and human rights.
Thereby we have a request to please give enough attention to this case instead of ignoring it.
*Remember we have to proof that we Indians will not bear and accept something wrong.




This petition made change with 416 supporters!

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